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After a review of our business product lines and how best to focus and invest in our business offering to our core oil and gas customers, COREXIT Environmental Solutions has decided it will no longer continue the manufacturing and sale of the following COREXIT products, effective immediately: 


This decision is consistent with our actions on other product lines in areas adjacent to our core markets that are no longer a strategic or structural fit for our business. COREXIT Environmental Solutions has not made or sold COREXIT products for the past nine years. 

We recognize that products like COREXIT are important to oil and gas operators as part of their operational response plans. We believe that providing oil dispersant and shoreline cleaner products is a best suited for a fit-for-purpose organization that is focused on this offering as part of its strategic product portfolio and that is focused on supporting its related regulatory requirements.

We will no longer support the regulatory framework – including product registrations or re-registration – for this product line effective Jan. 1, 2023. COREXIT-related Regulatory inquiries may be directed to

We appreciate the understanding and support of COREXIT end users and our third-party agencies in our announcement of this decision.