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June 2023

To our valued customers, 

As we announced in 2022, COREXIT Environmental Solutions, a ChampionX subsidiary, has discontinued the manufacture and sale of COREXIT™ oil dispersant and shoreline cleaner products. These products include COREXIT EC9500A, COREXIT EC9500B, COREXIT EC9527A, and COREXIT EC9580A.

The Company took this step because the COREXIT product line is no longer a strategic or structural fit for our business. It’s important to understand these facts about COREXIT inventory and availability: 

  • Our Company has not made or sold COREXIT products for the past nine years.
  • Oil spill response organizations around the world hold stockpiles of COREXIT and other dispersants and are positioned to manage major spills globally.
  • COREXIT products may be sourced from industry organizations and oil spill response groups.
  • The Company plans to work with IOGP to help those who currently identify COREXIT products as a stated oil spill response (OSR) solution to identify other acceptable alternative OSR strategies.

We recognize that dispersant products are important to the industry and operators’ oil spill response plans. ChampionX has been actively engaged with industry consortia and organizations, such as the International Oil & Gas Producers Association (IOGPA), to determine a sustainable future oil spill response solution to support the needs of the oil and gas industry. We appreciate this partnership with industry stakeholders as we collaborate with these consortia and organizations. 

The Company is committed to continue working with the IOGPA task force to continue to evaluate our support of COREXIT on an ongoing basis, which includes the product regulatory framework and registrations moving forward. We are now extending our support for these elements on a temporary basis after previously planning to cease support for the product line effective July 1, 2023. 

This temporary extension of our support for the regulatory and registration framework reflects our commitment to support the IOGPA task force and the oil and gas industry while we work together on an expedited and constructive transition to the best long-term solution.